Internet is showing the political repercussions of our technologies in a rather schizophrenic way: on the one hand, we panic over the apocalypse of democracy and the progressive idiotization of humankind. On the other, we assume that algorithms are ethically neutral, the formalization of the scientific rationality and the force of progress that bring us unavoidably closer to some kind of future. It’s just that we aren’t sure anymore if that’s the future we want to get close to.

Next March 30th we’ll gather academics, professionals and other key agents of the industry, during a one-day series of open discussions to talk about the politics of Technology, from its conceptual and theoretical approaches to its most practical and visible applications.

With their expert contribution, we hope to peek through the armored glass walls of “political neutrality” and “unregulated & neoliberal” truisms that seem to protect Technology and the Internet from a critical civic examination.

Pau Todó
Pau Todó
Program curation and co-organization
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Saturday 30 March, 2019
10 am – 4 pm
Karl der Grosse, Free entrance